tinyelephant jewelry

tinyelephant jewelry was founded in 2015 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. Originally created to inspire sisterhood, love, and positivity between women of all ages and lifestyles, tinyelephant jewelry has since expanded to include a line of jewelry for men and other accessaries.  All our unique, handcrafted pieces reflect both the meaning behind the stones and metals used in them. 

About Us

Lesley Frow

store owner

Lesley Frow is a registered massage therapist, Chakra Crystal Healer, teacher, jewelry and decor designer. Tiny Elephant Jewelry is based in Toronto, Ontario and partakes in Markets around Ontario. Lesley is self-taught, learning the craft of jewelry making, wiring and beading on her own, and thus she brings a unique perspective to all of her pieces.  Recently, she has started to create home decor with crystals or crystal themed. Each piece is infused with meaning. Lesley is a strong believer in the power and properties of semi-precious stones and crystals. She keeps these properties in mind while she designs each piece. The pieces are meant to bring positivity and love to their owners, and with each piece created, Lesley hopes to bring just a bit more hope, love and peace into the world.